Saturday, February 15, 2014

Not So Secret Obsession

You may not know this about me, but I love cooking shows – so I watch Food Network all. the. time.  While most people are planning their week around the Walking Dead or Downtown Abbey (I’ve never seen either), I’m setting my DVR for the Worst Cooks in America and The Pioneer Woman.

My daughter wants to know, “why do you like kitchen shows?”  Well, for starters the celebrity chefs and show hosts have a lot of personality.  They’re funny, share great personal stories, and who in the world doesn’t enjoy food!?  I love food.  (Maybe 50 pounds too much!)  And truly, I love to cook – I just also wish I didn’t mind the mess it created.  LOL.

Weeknight cooking isn’t much fun, though.  First, I just worked all day.  Second, the kids are starving about five seconds after walking in the door.  If I gave them a snack, that’s it, they’re full by the time dinner is ready.  So dinner can’t be done fast enough.  And third, packing up left overs, doing dishes, cleaning up the counters… No wonder my family is sick of pizza!

But the “kitchen shows” I love because it’s not my mess!  And I love the ideas they evoke and one of these days when I’m a famous author and can afford to quit my day job (you can stop laughing now) I’m going to cook every night.  Okay, at least more often. :-)

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