Sunday, February 23, 2014

First Kiss

It’s been a slow weekend here in Casa Andrews.  Even my writing is slow.  Yesterday I worked on ONE scene – a kissing scene.  A first kiss scene.

Now, I don’t know about everyone else, but I think it’s an important moment in a romance.  When I’m reading one, I have expectations by this point.  Hopefully there has been sufficient build up leading to the moment and I want it as much as the characters.  And, this may just be me, but I kind of favor those spontaneous first kisses.  The ones where one of the characters is taken by surprise and it goes from simmer to boil in seconds.  I want desperate hands and loss of control.  Oh, yeah!

Though, I admit, those tender-types of first kisses can also hit the spot.  After all, it really does depend on the story and the characters' relationship.  It’s all good.


How about a little tease?  Remember though, this is completely unedited and may actually never see the light of day.  Here, the leading lady (who shall not yet be named), just basically told him to kiss her…


He grabbed her by the wrist and pulled so she fell against him.  She gasped, her lush lips parted in surprise.  His mouth covered hers.  He liked control, but he also aimed to please.  His tongue swept inside, meeting hers for an intimate dance.


So I would love to know what it is you love in a first kiss?

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