Saturday, March 22, 2014

I'm My Own Worst Boss


Everyone told me to treat writing like a job.  I'd need to show up and actually work, as I would for any other employer.  There should be goals and deadlines.  A plan.  In other words, I need to be productive.  It’s all very true.  But…


I have quickly found, I’m my own worst boss.


Ironically, I’m a manager at my day job – you know, the one that actually pays the bills.  I have eleven people who report directly to me and I hold a great deal of inter-departmental responsibility on top of that.  You’d think I’d be a better boss to myself when it comes to writing.  Not so much.


If you’ve ever worked for someone else, then you know when you have a bad boss your job can go downhill pretty damn quick.  This applies when you’re self-employed, too.  Part-time, Full-time, it doesn’t matter.  Bad leadership is bad business, period.



The Good Boss


We recently held a Leadership in-service at work and they discussed topics such as, What qualities make up a good boss? 


  • The top answer is leading by example – pretty hard to do when your “example” is what you’re trying to improve.  But there are other authors out there who are emulation worthy.


  • Fairness was also somewhere near the top.  And I don’t think fairness means a six hour marathon of Arrow on Netflix as a reward for surviving the Monday through Friday routine.  So I began thinking, it’s really not fair to the characters when their author is slacking off, is it?


  • Other qualities that I can recall were recognition, organization, and conflict resolution (which isn’t that just handy).  You get the drift; all of these are applicable to writing as well.


So this is part of the new mindset I’ve been trying to keep when it comes to writing.  To be a better boss to myself.





Maybe you’re lucky enough to not have a certain affliction, but apparently I’ve got it bad.  It’s called procrastination.  And it’s usually followed by the excuse “I don’t have time.”  Yes, I do.  And if you’ve said this – you probably do, too.  Not probably – there’s time.  But like anything else it doesn’t magically jump up and identify itself.  So the challenge is to start being honest. 


“I don’t have time because I watched six hours of Arrow.”


“I don’t have time because I spent an hour scrolling through my newsfeed on Facebook.”


“I don’t have time because instead of writing, I decided it was a good time to google HTML for blogger.”


All true stories, by the way.  And I did learn a lot about HTML – love Google.  LOL.  But it’s not getting the story written and that’s the bottom line. 



What about you?  Suffer from procrastination, or find yourself without time like me?

Thursday, March 13, 2014

No #Kindle, No Problem

My first book, Long Overdue, was published a couple of months ago and available for download from Decadent Publishing’s website, Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Smashwords, and All Romance eBooks. But since it is only available in digital format, I’ve been asked numerous times how someone without an e-reader can download it.


The easiest way I can think is downloading the kindle app to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch. If you don’t have any of these, there is always Barnes and Noble’s nook for laptop, but I’ll have to address that another day. LOL.


So these steps will take you through how to get a kindle app and then purchase an e-book from Amazon.


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~


These first few bullets are only done for the FIRST time in order to get the Kindle app on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. It may look like a lot of steps but once you’re all set with this, you’ll be golden.


·       First, you need an Amazon login and password. If you’ve ever ordered so much as a spatula from Amazon, you have one. If not, it’s pretty easy to follow the “New Customer” steps they’ll walk you through.

·       Go to App Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad, and search for “Kindle”. As with all apps, make sure you check the compatibility for your device.

·       Download Kindle as you would any other app. Click FREE (because it is, woo-hoo), and then INSTALL. Enter your Apple (Not Amazon’s) password when prompted.

·       You should now see the app on your device – Click it.

·       The first time you enter the app you’ll be prompted to register your device. This is where that Amazon login and password come in handy. Enter the information and you now have a Kindle…so to speak.


If you’ve reached this point, you’ll never have to do the above steps again. You’ll only need to follow the next steps to purchase an e-book from here on out.


·       When you go to, login to your account so that step is out of the way. Otherwise you’ll just be interrupted during your purchase to do so, no biggie but you may need to search for the book all over again and that’s annoying.

·       Search for the book of your choice, such as… oh, I don’t know, my e-book, Long Overdue, by Tara Andrews . Okay, okay, you can technically search for any book you want.

·       Once you’ve clicked your way to the buy page, you’ll see a purchase button like “Buy now with 1-click”. Below that may be a “Deliver to” drop down where you’ll see a reference to your new kindle device. No worries if it’s too soon to see it, the book will go to the mysterious “Cloud” and wind up on your iPhone or iPad anyway. Go ahead and click “Buy now…” (Especially if it’s my book – ehem.)

·       Literally, once you click it’ll take a minute or less for the book to appear in the kindle app's “All Items” list on your iPhone or iPad. Click the book and you’re ready to read.


It’s literally that easy!



Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Guest Author Catherine Peace: If Wishes Were Horses #giveaway #comingsoon @lexcade via @tara_andrews1


I am pleased to welcome fellow Decadent Publishing author, Catherine Peace, to my blog today. Not only do we share a publisher, but she has also written for Decadent’s 1Night Stand series (like yours truly). Her e-book, Complete Me, will be out March, 21st and she has an awesome giveaway to celebrate its release.


The prizes are a $25 iTunes gift card, a free copy of the book when it releases, and a t-shirt inspired by the book. Who doesn’t love giveaways?! So stick around, make yourself at home, and enter.


Without further ado, here’s Catherine discussing a subject near and dear to our hearts (at least mine)…Music!


~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

If Wishes were Horses….

They’d spirit me away to see the bands I’ve always wanted to see and somehow always miss.

I’ve been pretty lucky over my concert-going career. I’ve seen Sick Puppies, Motley Crue, A7X, symphonies, Brooks & Dunn, Sawyer Brown, Altar Bridge, Chicago, Doobie Bros, Earth Wind & Fire, the current incarnation of the Temptations, and tons more. But like Ahab, I have a few white whales of my own. The bands I would dropkick a unicorn to go see.

       The number one top band would be Fuel. They’re my favorite of all-time, responsible for getting me through those torturous high school years, and they’ve eased a lot of hurts. I saw an incarnation of them a few years ago, but it was a different lead singer. And anyone who’s seen Journey knows that seeing a band with a different lead singer than the one they’ve had for years and years and years is not the same.

       Following a close second? Bob Seger. I’ve been a huge fan ever since I figured out what music was. Something about Bob’s raspy voice and the stories within the songs always drew me in. I’m actually planning a story based on “Hollywood Nights.” Stay tuned for that one.

       I was a little late to the grunge scene, having grown up in the age of boy bands *shiver*, so I wasn’t introduced to the awesomeness that is Soundgarden until I was in high school. I cut my teeth on “Black Hole Sun” but found my true love of Chris Cornell through “Fell on Black Days,” “Show Me How to Live,” and “Black Rain,” among others. Pretty sure my mind would explode from the sheer amount of awesome of seeing my favorite vocalist live.

       Stevie Wonder is also on this list. And yes, I know I’m 28. And yes, I know that most of the bands I’ve seen/want to see have been around before my birth, but I have fantastic memories of jamming out to Songs in the Key of Life with my mom.

       I also always wanted to see Alabama. The country group has been around for a long, long time, but dear God Randy Owen’s voice is phenomenal. They’re not touring anymore, but a girl can dream, right?

       And what dream list would be complete without The Rolling Stones? Seriously. It’s the Stones. What more needs to be said?

There you have it. A few of my white whales. There are plenty of others, but you guys don’t have that kind of time. Plus, I need to tell you about my book!


A romance author who needs to love….


Best-selling romance author Claire Ergleston confines her passions to the pages of her books. When she receives a 1Night Stand date ‘to give her something to talk about in interviews,’ can she let herself be swept away?


A rock star who needs to let go….


The past has a chokehold on former rock star Ty Krause. Instead of killer tunes, he kills time writing passable songs for a British boy band and his nights wishing he had the balls to say goodbye. In a last ditch effort, he signs up for 1Night Stand, thinking that a night of no-strings-attached sex will help him break the leash of his past.


From the moment Claire and Ty meet, sparks fly—but can they overcome their pasts or will their potential love story end on a sour note?


Available 3/21 at the following e-book retailers:

Decadent Publishing
Barnes & Noble


About the author:

Catherine Peace has been telling stories for as long as she could remember. Maybe even from the womb; no one knows for sure. Now, she writes delightful romances with enough spice to make Emeril happy when not masquerading as a normal person at the day job.


Where to find Catherine:



Blog: Going from Nobody to Somebody

Blog: The Pen Punks

Reviewer for Indie Books R Us

So about that giveaway… enter to win here!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Book Spotlight: Love Unlocked #romance #sale #99cents @LibbyWaterford


I am happy to welcome fellow Decadent author Libby Waterford to my blog today.  Not only does Love Unlocked sound like an awesome story but it’s on sale, too!


Many thanks to Tara for letting me stop by and share some exciting news about my debut romantic suspense, Love Unlocked: it goes on sale today for 99 cents! If you’re hankering for a sexy romance with a huge dash of excitement, I hope you’ll check it out. ~Libby


Readers love the sizzling sexual tension and page-turning suspense of Love Unlocked by Libby Waterford.


“Two compelling lead characters, a story with a number of twists that caught me by surprise, plus some excellent steamy scenes all combined to make this a fun thriller-romance...Side note, the sex scenes. Oh, wow, the sex scenes. Let's just leave it at that...oh wow!” - Nicole, Goodreads


“The compelling hero and heroine have great chemistry and the thrilling plot keeps you guessing!” – Philippa,


Get it on Amazon for just .99¢!




All she wants is a fresh start…


Retired art thief Eve Caplin traveled all the way from Paris to California looking for a fresh start in a small town. When she locks herself out of her home, she gets much more than she bargained for in Hudson Cleary, part-time locksmith and world famous artist. She wants to resist Hudson’s seductive pull, but can’t refuse his help when a man from her past blackmails her into stealing a ten million dollar painting. Not only does Hudson have access to the painting, he may hold the key to her damaged heart.


All he wants is her…


Hudson hasn’t picked up a paintbrush in two years. When he unlocks Eve Caplin’s door, the mysterious beauty arouses much more than just his creative impulses. He needs Eve in his studio and wants her in his bed. When he discovers danger closing in, he must decide how far over the line he’s willing to go to protect her.


Will he lose his heart, his muse, and his freedom all in one unforgettable night?




About the Author:


Libby Waterford writes California-set steamy contemporary romances. She lives in Los Angeles with her family and works off her weekly pilgrimage to In-N-Out by swimming and climbing the city’s hidden staircases.



Author Links:











And because the cover is gorgeous, here it is again!  I do believe we share the same talented cover artist.