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1-2-3 Author Q&A with Jennah Scott, Author of Saving Sultan

I’m happy to have fellow Decadent Publishing author Jennah Scott on the blog today.  She’s celebrating the release of her new LGBT contemporary romance, Saving Sultan, and answering a few questions. Plus, there's a giveaway - so stay tuned!






On Writing


Do you agree with the adage “Write what you know”?


Nope! I started out writing what I knew, then realized it was a lot more fun to learn new things and write about those. Now I challenge myself to find something new for each book and do the research. Makes writing as much fun for me as it is for the readers to read (I hope!)


The Writer


Saving Sultan is part of Decadent Publishing’s Beyond Fairytales line.  Did you have a favorite fairytale growing up?  What did you love about it?


My favorite fairytale was Beauty and the Beast. I loved going to the movies and watching it. I mean, how can you not love Belle. She’s a bookaholic and the Beast’s library…no words.


The Book


What was the spark that ignited the idea for Saving Sultan?


Old Sultan by The Grimm Brothers! This is an interesting fairytale that was fun to twist into the tale of Saving Sultan.





Dillon Sultan never imagined he might some day lose Sultan Ranch. He’s got one month to find the money needed to keep the bank from taking his family’s land. One month to find a miracle.

Liam Callahan hasn’t talked to his best friend since the night they kissed six years ago. Now he’s got a chance to make things right and catch the man of his dreams. But first, he has to help Dillon figure out a way to keep Sultan Ranch.


But when Dillon’s family is betrayed, and he learns that Liam hasn’t been totally honest with him, will he lose everything that matters most?





Liam glanced at the letter in front of him once more. Patrick Sultan was four months behind on his mortgage, and the bank was ready to take everything.


To Liam, Patrick was a surrogate father. One he couldn’t figure out how to help. He hated seeing the official notice in his in-box this morning. What had started as a good day went downhill thirty seconds after he opened his e-mail. Liam wasn’t a loan officer, but he did work with Patrick on his personal banking accounts. For that reason, he kept his finger on the pulse of the business accounts as well. He pulled up the old man’s personal information once he’d read the letter. Empty. The next balance he checked could have resulted in immediate termination. The customer wasn’t assigned to him. In his position, he had access to everyone’s information, but he wasn’t supposed to view anything without the holder’s authorization.


Dillon Sultan would not give him the okay. Of that, Liam was sure. Even with the risk, he entered the ten-digit number and called up the current total balance. He was still staring at the four figures when the phone echoed through the office.


“Liam Callahan, how can I help you?”


The person on the other end cleared his throat. The deep voice that followed made his heart stop. Not skip a beat, but a dead stop. Skipping would have been too easy to recover from.


“Liam, it’s Dillon. Sultan.”



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Author Bio:


Born and raised in Texas, Jennah is a transplant to Missouri long enough ago she should probably consider that her hometown. But she will forever be a Texan. She loves to write any story that will make a reader smile, laugh, and maybe even cry (although you won't ever hear her admit that she cries). Whether the next story she writes is contemporary, urban fantasy, LGBT, or whatever other crazy idea she comes up with, there will always be love and romance in the midst of trials and turmoil.



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