Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday - Where You'll Find Me


You know where I am right now?  At work. Yep, that’s right. I’m sitting in my quiet office, part of the skeleton crew here to man the stations. :)  And I’m perfectly okay with that!


I’ve never taken the day after Thanksgiving off; in fact I would hate to waste the vacation day. First, you won’t find me anywhere near a store on Black Friday, so no biggie. Cyber Monday is more my speed. :) Second, there’s no traffic to commute in, the phones aren’t ringing, hardly anyone around to need anything from me – I get soooo much done!


Side benefit, it will keep me away from all those leftovers. LOL. So it’s a good day!


Seriously, I would rather do anything else than brave the mall on Black Friday. In my area, there is a busy shopping center and the traffic jam getting in and out of there today would be crazy. Never mind the lines!



However, there are plenty of online sales going on for those staying clear of the old brick and mortar stores. All Romance eBooks is having a big sale!!  All Decadent titles, including yours truly's, are 50% OFF today – all of them! 


This 50% OFF sale is good for Black Friday only so I hope you take advantage!


If you’re interested in checking out my titles on ARe, you can find them here:  All Romance eBooks, Tara Andrews


To browse all the awesome stories on sale at ARe, you can find them here: All Romance eBooks, Decadent Publishing

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